Trust in Experienced Professionals

Here at Quality Powder Coating, we get excited about new custom projects and we love to see the process from start to finish. To envision the possibilities at the beginning and then see them through to the final product is the most enjoyable aspect of our business. 

Quality Powder Coating delivers high quality to our customers through establishing long-term customer relationships with mutual respect and open, frequent communication.

Our employees were hand-picked due to a combination of their experience and achievements. 

The vast majority of our employees are professionals with 5, 10, or even 20 years plus experience in the business. 

Quality Powder Coating was established in 1997, and since that time we have been determined to fill every client’s demands. Making sure they are satisfied once they leave our doors. 

Every employee at Quality Powder Coating has proven to have the qualities such as versatility, diligence, enthusiasm, loyalty, etc. A step in becoming a part of our company, is understanding the commitment we have aimed towards our customers. No job is left unfinished or not meeting the customers’ requirements. 

We always follow through, and carry the unique ability of persistence to engage in each project and see it through – at all costs.