Powder Coating is an environmentally safe dry paint coating that uses none of the traditional solvents that would be found in "wet" paint. This lack of solvents eliminates the release of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), fumes, gases and harmful vapors into the air.

Instead of solvents, Powder Coating utilizes an electrostatic charge to adhere finely ground particles of dry polymers and resins to the part to be coated.

These particles are then melted in our curing oven to form a solid coating and fuse with the metal. The result is a uniform, high-quality durable finish that can withstand daily use; and with “Super Durable Powders”, extreme conditions such as pressure, temperature, mechanical wear, corrosion and weathering.

Super Durable Powders were specifically created for use in the Gulf States. With our harsh sun and salt water conditions in mind, these powders provide superb, UV, chip and stain resistance and are available in an unlimited amount of color possibilities.

In addition to the Super Durable Powders, there are several different powders created to meet specific needs – i.e. more chemical resistant, more flexible. Polyester powder, the most common and versatile is designed to perform well in several conditions.

All Powder Coating powders are available in a wide variety of finishes, textures and colors.

List of Services


  • Spiral stair, straight stair, Driveway gates, Railing, Store front metal, Stadium seating, Street lights
  • Super durable colors Whites, Bronze, Anodized effect, Blacks and Hammer tones Multi year warranties on new material
  • Specializing in large production runs and hold ourselves to high standards with detail to quality finishes


  • Outdoor metal furniture, Barstools, Park benches, Mailboxes, Street lights, Entry gates, tool boxes, Coach Lights, Plant stands and Playground Equipment
  • In house Sandblasting, 100's of colors in stock, Custom Fabric and Strapping 100's to choose from
  • Specializing in Refurbishing of Railings, Gates, Spiral stairs, Fencing and more


  • Boat towers, Bimini tops, Poling platforms, seat rests, Rod holders, Motor mounts, Railing, Trailers and Boat lifts
  • In house Sandblasting, 7 stage pretreatment, Super duable Marine grade finishes, Whites Creams and Blacks
  • Custom matching available


  • Car Rims, Valve Covers, Brake calipers, Suspension parts, Car frames, Truck racks, Bumpers
  • Bright colors. Reds, Blues, Oranges, Metallics, Sparkles, Candy colors Veins and Hammertones
  • Classics, Off road, Air boat, motorcycles, Atv In House Sandblasting


  • Repairs on large or small projects
  • Replacement of feet, chair legs and arms and replace lost or damaged parts
  • Broken welds on railings, patio furniture and driveway gates


  • Refurbish, Removal of old paint, powder coating or rust
  • Car parts, marine parts, street lights, mailboxes and patio furniture
  • Creates a clean substrate for new paint or powder coating to be applied