Powder coating is a high-quality finish found on thousands of products you come in contact with every day. Powder coating protects the roughest, and toughest machinery, as well as the household items you depend on daily. It provides a more durable finish than liquid paints can offer, while still providing an attractive finish. 

It’s tough. It looks great. And it lasts a long time. Everything in your home that is aluminum, steel, metal, brass or copper… can be restored and renewed with Powder Coating.

The great thing about powder coating, unlike some finishes, it is environmentally friendly.

Powder coating contains no heavy metals, such as lead and cadmium, it likewise does not contain harmful carcinogens. With that being said, it is safe for your children and animals.

Quality Powder Coating not only specializes in powder coating, but also offers welding, sandblasting and also fabric and vinyl strapping for Patio Furniture as well. 

Our business is not only limited to patio furniture for your home. We are capable of powder coating pool ladders, light fixtures, appliances, coach lights, mailboxes, sculptures, etc.

Give Quality Powder Coating a call, to see what we can do for you!